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For Everyone:

(Don't Forget the Lanyard)


Put the tee into the the ground with the arrow pointed in the direction you want the ball to travel.  Now put a golf ball on the platform.  There is a slight indentation that will hold the ball in the middle.  The platform is tilted slightly to let the golfball fall back onto the sphere.  Now just swing away making sure to hit the sphere, not the golf ball.  

The entire tee will fly away after you hit it.  In order to not chase it as far, I've included a laniard to loop aroudn the tee, then attach to the ground with another object.  I will loop it around the leg of a golf bag or use another tee.

Plastic becomes brittle when it's cold, so don't use this when it's below about 60 degrees, or it might break when it's hit.

Have fun!