Frequently asked questions

How durable is it?

That would depend on who’s hitting it. For the typical weekend golfer, I would expect it to last at least several rounds. For a hard hitter, probably around 6 holes.

How does it affect distance?

By the laws of physics, there is a loss of energy when force is transferred through the tee. In addition, only the component of the force vector along the line of travel will move the ball, so the better it’s hit, the farther it will travel. These effects are mitigated by the backspin created which act with the dimples on the golf ball to create lift and thus more distance. On average, expect about 20% loss of distance.

Is it legal?

Define legal. You won’t be using this on the PGA tour. By rule, a tee can only hold up a golf ball, so this would not be a legal tee. A Mulligan is not legal either, but most of us take those. Many companies, like Callaway, make nonconforming (illegal) products. This is not for the golf purists, though they would have fun with this too.

How about the spin?

Because the club never touches the ball, there will be no slice or hook. We are working on ways to introduce controlled spin to provide fade and draw. As mentioned, there is backspin, which aids in lift, and thus provides more distance.